After my first trip in Thailand in May 2014 I decided to visit again this country in January 2015. The continuos request of the Valerio Morini Fun Club got me the idea to collect some money for a small orphanage in the south of the country.With the precious help by Alex Puntin (the former President of the Fun Club), Alex Pinarello, Giuseppe Furlan and the talent designer Gianluca Borgogni, I create and sold a close number of a T-shirts with my face and a "famous" sentence: "ho pescato un pesce morto!" (eng: "I fished a dead fish!" It happened in one episode of the first season of Last Minnow Tour).

t shirt template1

t shirt template2

Every T-shirt collect money enough to buy 4 chicken for the orphanage, who start to be a little but independent farm. I paid the shirts and printing andmy travel (fly and hotel and all the rest) so that all the money of the donors has been brought to the Baan Saan Fan.

Together we collected 2000eur (74.760tbh with the change of that moment). The Baan Saan Fan has been able to buy 300 chicken for the farm.

Below you can see the documentary I made of this experience.

Charity2015 1
Charity2015 8
Charity2015 11
Charity2015 12
Charity2015 2
Charity2015 9
Charity2015 3
Charity2015 4
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This is the documentary I made about the orphanage in the south of Thailand.
Baan Saan Fan